The Arab Night at Natolin

From the perspective of confirming unity and everlasting brotherhood and sisterhood, the Middle Eastern and North African students at the College of Europe in Natolin organized the main event of the MENA Day: The Arab Night. The activities varied between cultural, linguistic, social, and artistic ones.

The day started with the rice grains of Maqloubeh, a rich Palestinian meal. Following that, our ears were filled with the outstanding performance of the Choir of the College of Europe in Natolin as they sang the Arabic Andalusi Folklore song of Lamma Bada Yatathanna, and the Algerian song of Ya Ard Ajdadi.

We were then the audience of an interesting lecture delivered by Natolin alumna and Palestinian diplomat at the Embassy of Palestine in Warsaw, Alaa JADALLAH. We had a chance to discuss the deployment of Political Art in the Palestinian Cause throughout the medium of posters.

The end of the lecture marked the beginning of the Arab Night's activities! The feast provided by the Embassy of Palestine in Warsaw was the first act. A Levantine dinner, enjoyed by students who later listened to Arab traditional music while sitting down on a big oriental carpet, drawn into the atmosphere of the night. Linguistic facts about Arabic were presented, as well as a beautiful performance of Dabka, followed by an artistic drawing of Henna and the serving of the delicious Maghrebi tea.

Cooperation between Arabs abroad has always been seen as something inevitable, there is always this mutual feeling of belonging to something. It might be on the level of the organization of an event, or high-level state cooperation in the future!

On behalf of the organizational team of the MENA Day,  we would like to thank everyone for being there and we hope you have enjoyed it!

- Middle Eastern and North African students at the College of Europe in Natolin