Armenian, Bulgarian, Georgian and Turkish Multinational Day

On Friday 4 March 2016, College of Europe students in Natolin from Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia and Turkey had the pleasure to organize a shared multinational day, called The Great GAT-B, in order to celebrate diversity, unity, common points and delightful differences of their cultures.

The program of the day included breakfast, lunch and dinner menus with special dishes from each of the countries as well as various surprise entertainment activities to make the meals memorable such as Bulgarian and Georgian traditional dances. An exhibition of various important people that contributed to the development of the countries and cultures took place in Retinger Hall.

Moreover, the day included a presentation and language workshops on Armenia and Georgia in the hope that this would not only be useful for students taking part in the study trip to these two countries, but would also serve as an introductory crash course to anyone interested in these cultures and languages. The day was concluded, after an entertaining dinner full of surprises, with a quiz on Turkey with a very special prize, followed by a 20s-themed party in the Chopint student bar.