"Art Corner" at the College of Europe in Natolin

With the initiative of Natolin students and the support of the Natolin administration, an art studio ("Art Corner") has been set up at the College of Europe in Natolin. Thanks to the College administration, the studio is well equipped with painting tools and materials. In the Art Corner, students are able to paint and organize art projects with the supervision of a tutor.

"One of the functions of the College of Europe is to enhance the awareness about democratic values and principles of the EU. Democracy requires individualism. It has been noted for centuries that art has a revolutionary role in this regard. It opens our eyes to newer perspectives. I find it essential to give the students of the College of Europe a chance to work together within art projects. This will increase their skills of cooperation, making partnership the main goal through their activities", explains Ms Hripsime ASATRYAN, one the students leading the project.