Discover Poland: Screening of “We The People” and meeting with the film director, Ms Ewa EWART

Screening of Ms Ewa EWART’s documentary We The People on 13 October 2019 inaugurated the extracurricular program for the students, devised to help them explore the past and the present day of Poland – the country that is home to them for the time of their studies at the Natolin Campus of the College.

Ms EWART is a renowned journalist and international award-winning director specializing in groundbreaking and influential documentaries. She was born and raised in Poland, but spent most of her professional career working for BBC TV in London and other media outlets worldwide.

We The People ("My Naród") is a 60-minute documentary that explores the Western perspective on the last 30 years of Polish history since the momentous partially free parliamentary elections and examines the role that the United States played in the transformation process in Poland. The elections on 4 June 1989 not only caused the collapse of communism in Poland but also triggered a chain reaction of events throughout the region – from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The film includes unknown facts of Lech Wałęsa’s famous speech to the US Congress in 1989, as well as never shown archive.

It is worth mentioning that the interview with Hon. Madeleine K. ALBRIGHT, former United States Secretary of State, who also appears in the film, was shot at Natolin after her inauguration of the Zbigniew Brzezinski Memorial Lecture Series in March 2019.

The screening was followed by a discussion with Ms EWART, who shared with the audience her unique insights and knowledge concerning the fall of communism in Europe in 1989-1991, with particular focus on the Polish road to independence. The chain reaction triggered by freedom fighters from the Solidarność (Solidarity) movement proved to be very appealing and profoundly touched the viewers.

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