"Humans of Natolin" — inspirational stories behind the Natolin students

What is "Humans of Natolin"?

"Humans of Natolin" is an initiative by two Natolin students (Manuel Marín promotion), which aims to share the inspirational stories behind the individuals who live and study at the College of Europe, Natolin campus. Coming from around 40 different countries and with a diverse range of backgrounds, these humans are what makes the campus so special and unique, bringing new colours to the tapestry of Natolin. We want to share their stories with you — stories that just might have changed their lives and contributed to their path to Natolin, and which highlight and represent our multicultural, international community.

  Who is behind the "Humans of Natolin" project?

Qnar (left in the picture) is from Armenia and has a background in languages and human rights. She is passionate about children's rights, documentary photography and storytelling. She had already had the concept for "Humans of Natolin" before coming to College. She points out that "the diversity that we have here is incredibly beautiful", adding that she "simply want[s] to share the stories of people who are part of it and make this place so unique" and that "Natolin is all about it’s humans".

Laurence (right in the picture) is a Belgian communications graduate passionate about the visual arts, particularly photography. She decided to take part in the project "Humans of Natolin" to show the incredible diversity that can be found on the Natolin campus of the College of Europe. Moreover, the project "Humans of Natolin" matters very much for her because "it highlights that we are all first and foremost human beings and that we all have stories to tell".

They believe that they themselves represent diversity in the sense that they come from different parts of Europe, and each have distinctive backgrounds and dreams — as well as looking physically very different! However, beyond these differences, they share the same passion for photography and for human nature. Moreover, curiosity drives them both to discover the world and its wonderful people.  

Photo credits: Benjamin Robinet and Laurence Castaigne