"Life after a stroke" conference organised by United in Diversity Society

On Sunday 18 February 2018, the United in Diversity Society organised a conference on "Life after a stroke". The Natolin students had the opportunity to meet Louis GUSTIN (Voltaire promotion 2013-14) and discuss his life-changing accident. Claire CAMBIER and Carsten GERARDS, both students of the Simone Veil promotion, introduced and chaired the Q&A session of the event.

Louis GUSTIN, former Natolin student, was struck by a violent stroke in February 2015. Since then, Louis has almost fully recovered from the after-effects of his accident. Today, Louis’ mission is to raise awareness about the challenges of disabilities at every level of our society. He created a blog, s’adapter, which he uses as a platform to communicate about his life. He also aims at reaching out to politicians, associations and enterprises to convince them to include people with disabilities in their work environment.  

The conference was, therefore, the opportunity to reflect on the politics put in place to ensure a strong European society, both in its diversity and inclusiveness.