Lingua Natolina – a new publication powered by Natolin students

We are pleased to present Lingua Natolina, a multilingual and hybrid publication featuring art, literature, journalism, and academia. It was founded by the students of the College of Europe in Natolin, as a pluridisciplinary and innovative format fostering community-based journalism and seeking to increase intercultural dialogue in Europe and beyond.

Lingua Natolina features College of Europe student articles and pieces and participates in the cultural life and development of a student community hailing from over 50 different countries. These appear side by side with pieces from noteworthy writers, academics, poets, and politicians, from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

The publication is divided into two sections:


The European (His)Stories section inscribes itself in the awareness that history is constantly being written and rewritten, whether it be through fiction, creative essays, current political discourses, or academic explorations of the past. It features prominent writers, artists, and political figures not only to give you a glimpse of the cosmopolitan story and history of Europe, but also to participate in writing it.


The Politics section does not seek to simply follow the news and inform, nor aim for straightforward coherence. Rather, it intends to provide a forum for diverging worldviews, and create true democratic dialogue, that not only regroups dissimilar topics, but also bridges cultures and languages. Building a stronger Europe involves rekindling true intercultural communication. The Politics section was started in conjunction with the Student Political Society at the College of Europe in Natolin for this purpose.

Please find below the first edition of Lingua Natolina. You can also download the full document here.


  • 'Beginning of the Journey' ink drawing by Deniz Alper ACAR
  • 'Us and Them' Uladzimir Niakliaeŭ in Belarusian, translated by Volha ZAITSAVA
  • 'Life of Grand Duke Vitaŭt' icon painting by Valery ZAITSAU
  • 'On Dance: Notes on Apoliticism' by Simon BERGER in French, translated by Kevin LE MERLE
  • 'Off the Rails' by Roy EALES in English
  • 'Courageous' ink drawing by Deniz Alper ACAR



    • '30 Year Anniversary of German Reunification: Are East and West Finally United?' by Emeline OGEREAU in German and English
    • 'Serbia: a Return of the NonAlignment Policy?' by Antoine GRANIER in French and English
    • 'Lessons from Rojava: How a Nonconformist Imaginary Can Save Europe' by Giovanni PENNA in Italian and English
    • 'Wanna Live Like Common People: on the Museumification of Space' by Liza DELEON in French and English


    Kevin LE MERLE Editor-in-Chief Aoife THOMAS Deputy Editor-in-chief   Martina CHIARALUCE Feminism and Gender Editor & Logistics Officer Eliott BOUMRAR Business and Insights Editor Nicolas GATE Layout Officer Salma TORJMANE Executive Administrator Virginija BALCIUNAITE Life at the College Editor & Communication Officer Antoine GRANIER Politics Editor