Meeting of the European Civilization Chair with Natolin students

In the evening of 8 September 2016, Natolin students were invited to meet the staff of the European Civilization Chair, and to discuss the establishment of a Historical Society for the Keynes Promotion.

The Chairholder, Professor Richard BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI, talked about the Chair's research, publications and conferences, outlined the rich programme of extra-curricular activities for the coming academic year, and introduced his colleagues.

Mrs Anna BANACH, the Administrative Assistant, explained the channels of communication. The Academic Assistants Dr Graham CLURE, Mr Przemysław PAZIK, Mr Paweł PUJSZO and Ms Marianna WYSOCKI spoke of how they could help students develop their ideas, and facilitate involvement in the Three Ukrainian Revolutions (3R) research project. Mr Richard WASHINGTON, Director of Communications and Recruitment, summarized the growth and evolution of the Chair over the last few years and encouraged students to take full advantage of the expertise on offer.

Students then shared their historical interests, and the meeting was followed by a film screening and a discussion of the Central European experience in the mid-twentieth century.