Minute of silence for Christchurch

As a response to the drastic events that occurred on the afternoon of the 15th of March this year in New Zealand, and the horrible act of terrorism, we, the students at the College of Europe in Natolin, gathered for a minute of silence over the pure souls of the worshipers who did not, and no one did, deserve such an act.

We all believe in equality and balance, extremism is an unfortunate ideology that some decide to or are convinced to follow, but it has to be always fought and resisted. Our communities cannot and should not stand passively towards this.

The global response to this tragedy was mere condemnations but not direct actions to limit and target extremism ideologies, be them religious, national, or even racial. We call for tangible actions to be taken against such actions, but most importantly, preventive actions.

We all stand together against terrorism of any kind as we denounce it and discourage any kind of acts like this. If you believe that you, as an individual, have not got much to do towards such a cause; the least you can do is to spread the word of coexistence and peace, discourage any idea you ever hear that could escalate into something dramatic and harmful.

The Students at the College of Europe in Natolin