Natolin Choir wins new hearts

During the Iberian Regional Day at the College of Europe in Natolin, the students organized a concert and invited the Portuguese singer João DE SOUSA to perform for the promotion. Following João's performance, the Natolin Choir presented songs reflecting the Iberian culture. It was Grândola, Vila Morena - the Portuguese revolutionary song of the 1970s - that touched João’s heart and pushed him to invite the Natolin Choir to experiment and sing it together at his personal concert in one of Warsaw clubs.

Three weeks later,  15 members of the Natolin Choir entered the legendary Warsaw space for meetings of artists and performers – Klub Spatif. The club got quickly crowded and - by the starting time of the concert - all seats were taken. Dimmed lights and all eyes on him, João DE SOUSA took the guitar in his hands and began the concert. Natolin Choir, sitting in the first rows, enjoyed the already familiar songs and eagerly joined João on stage towards the end of his performance. The new version of Grândola, Vila Morena energized the audience and made a strong and warm ending to the concert.