Natolin Forest Week

With spring in Natolin waking up to share its beauty with this year’s students, there could not have been a better time to celebrate the Natolin Forest Week. While COVID-19 sadly conspired against many of the planned events, the spirit and concept behind the Forest Week was still realised, with those both on and off campus reflecting upon the importance of our forests, natural environment and the great outdoors.

Organisation Team of the Natolin Forest Week

The Natolin Forest Week took months of planning and our dedicated committee had scheduled a lively and interactive series of events including a cultural evening, a film screening with director Ms Ewa EWART, a historical walking tour of the Natolin Woods, a homemade cosmetics workshop and a closing ceremony complete with a choir, drinks and a ceremonial tree planting!

Despite the disappointment at the cancellation of these events, the inventive committee undertook a number of initiatives which were possible under the current circumstances. One such idea came from committee member Anna, who is currently studying from home in Ireland. She suggested involving students near and far through the creation of a yoga tree pose collage. The result was beautiful and made us all feel united, despite the distance.

Keeping with the yoga theme, yoga expert and current student Lidya led an outdoor, physically distanced yoga class, enjoying the spring sunshine.

Meanwhile, the Natolin Choir, led by our fabulous conductor Kasia, continues to prepare some forest-themed tunes. Using the wonders of technology, our choir is practicing regularly and we are working towards releasing our first video very soon!

In the lead-up to the Natolin Forest Week, the committee coordinated a "Veggie Week" campaign to encourage as many staff and students as possible to consider "going veggie" and switching to the vegetarian menu in the canteen for the duration of the Forest Week. We were delighted at the positive response from all involved and received well over one hundred sign-ups. We hope the initiative encouraged us all to think about the different dietary options available and reflect upon how each of us can make a difference through our personal choices.

Third place: Inga CHILASVHILI


First place: Alexandra BLIN Second place: Victoria DUMANSKA


Natolin Forest Week Photography Competition

Following a student vote and the final judging panel of the Communications Office, we are delighted to announce the winners of the Natolin Forest Week Photography Competition! We received 17 beautiful entries, which really highlighted the richness of Europe’s landscape and woodlands as well as the keen eye of many of the students. The full album of entries can be viewed below.

  • In third place, with an image taken in Kobuleti, Georgia, entitled "Sunset", is Inga CHILASHVILI. Accompanying her image, Inga quoted Debbie Shapiro: "Life does not come with instructions on how to live, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter, so enjoy your day".
  • In second place, with an image taken "somewhere in Neamț County, Romania, quite high in the mountains" is Victoria DUMANSKA. Victoria captured the moment last May.
  • Finally, the winner, with an image taken right on campus as our Christmas exams drew to a close, is Alexandra BLIN. Her stunning photo captures the beauty of Natolin, with the soft light enhancing the magic which can be experienced while exploring the campus.

See all the photos submitted for the competition in our gallery below:

Natolin Forest Week Photo Competition