Natolin Historical Film Club: Screening of the movie „Różyczka” with Mr Andrzej SEWERYN

The role of an artist in contemporary societies was the main topic of students’ discussion with Mr Andrzej SEWERYN, the director of the Teatr Polski in Warsaw, one of the most renowned Polish actors and one of the two foreigners ever employed by the Comédie-Française.

The screening of Jan KIDAWA-BŁOŃSKI’s “Różyczka” (“Little Rose”), in which Mr SEWERYN played the leading male role, marked the opening of the season in the Natolin Historical Film Club (NHFC). Continuing the NHFC’s tradition, Prof. Richard BUTTERWICK-PAWLIKOWSKI delivered a concise introduction to the events depicted in the movie, including international and Polish affairs in the late 1960s. Particular attention was paid to the events of March 1968, such as the student protests and the antisemitic campaign launched by the Polish communist authorities.

Afterwards, Mr SEWERYN, who took part in the events and was himself subject to persecutions by the communist regime, shared his testimony and reflections with the students. He stressed the importance of critical thinking, being sensitive to all kinds of injustice and standing up for human rights and values, as well as making informed and ethical decisions regardless of political circumstances.

At the end of the meeting, moderated by Professor Georges MINK, to students’ surprise and delight, Mr SEWERYN improvized a brief performance. He presented the monologue of Jacob from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It, containing the famous comparison of the world to theatre and people to actors, which was a perfect summary of his message on the pivotal role of art in forming the public’s taste and conscience.