Our first journalism and writing workshops!

Tuesday, 30 October 2018, marked the first in a series of journalism and writing workshops at the College of Europe Natolin. The workshops, open to all interested students, teach students how to prepare high-quality articles, be it for the Natolin Blog or for external publication.

The first workshop taught participants how to frame and pitch articles. Students learned how to cover events such as political statements and elections, and what type of coverage is appropriate and interesting at what point in time. While readers, for example, often seek deeply factual coverage in the hours following an election, their preferences tend to shift in the days and weeks that follow, when analysis and on-the-ground reporting is at a premium.

Subsequent journalism and writing workshops will teach students how to refine their pitches, communicate with editors, and summarise complex technical topics in simpler, understandable terms. They are all led by Patrycja BUKALSKA, a Polish journalist who regularly writes for one of the country's leading weeklies.