Post-National Umbrella Day

From Monday 11 until Friday 15 April 2016, the Belgian, British, Dutch, Finnish, and Irish students hosted their Post-National Umbrella Day and Week. The name was chosen based on the theme of their conference "The Future of the EU", and because they are such an eclectic mix of countries with very distinctive weather. Although rain was an important feature of the day, with works by the Pitmen Painters, Magritte and Tania Margolin depicting umbrellas decorating the Natolin Restaurant, the sun shone throughout the day!

The students started their week with a screening of the Dutch film "Black Book" (Zwartboek), based on several true events during WWII. Other events during the week included a Belgian federalist talk, a debate on Brexit, and a tea party before the big day on Friday 15 April. 

Throughout the day itself, students attended a conference on "The Future of the EU", as well as a Dutch and Walloon language class. The Natolin Restaurant offered food from all five countries: a British-Irish "fry-up", a mix of Belgian, Dutch and Finnish dishes for lunch, finishing off the day with exotic Indonesian-Indian food in the evening. The celebrations ended in the student bar Chopint, with speciality drinks from all the countries.