Simulation Society: First Session at Natolin

On 15 September 2019, the Simulation Society held its first session at the College of Europe in Natolin. Experienced and non-experienced students gathered together to debate and negotiate about a specific topic. Students took on different roles, representing different countries, organizations, institutions and companies.

The problematic of the first session was of key importance: an immense asteroid is heading towards Earth, operations to deviate its trajectory have failed and hopes to save our planet are dashed. To save the humanity, only one engine was created on time. On board? 150 people or goods. Who has the right to be part of this? Do the most powerful countries have the right to claim more capsules within this engine? What about the most influential businessmen and companies? What about culture? Does it make sense to launch such a mission without any element of human heritage?

During almost 2 hours, the students debated and defended their own interests in a very positive, constructive and fun atmosphere. The Society is not afraid to say that this first session was a success thanks to all the participants. After this warm-up session, we are planning to start debating on key political issues in the coming weeks, we couldn’t be more excited!