Speed Debating at Natolin

On Saturday 13 October 2018, students at Natolin were arguing, rebutting, and debating! 25 students participated in the "Argumentation and Debating Skills" sessions led by competitive debaters from the Warsaw Debate Chamber. During the lectures, students learned key points such as: how to build arguments, how to spot logical fallacies in real-life situations and respond to them, and how to structure a speech to make it more memorable.

The lecture was followed by practice sessions in small groups, where students used the previously presented structure to create argumentation. Later on, they also took part in their first debate in an Oxford Union format, with each group selecting a different motion:

  • This House would ban the publication of polls in the electoral campaign.
  • This House, as a rule, would not negotiate with terrorists.
  • This House would legalise the sale of organs, blood, and bone marrow.

As the Natolinians enjoyed the debates, we are happy to announce that the College of Europe in Natolin will host a series of debates in Oxford Union format, and other similar events. Stay tuned!

Speed debating at Natolin