Stress management and slackline workshops

In order to help students better deal with the pressure of the exam period, the Natolin Student Affairs Office has recently organized activities to assist them in managing current stress and workload.

On 5 June 2019, Natolin Students took part in a stress management workshop conducted by Ms Kamila KARPIŃSKA – personal development trainer, psychologist and yoga teacher. The aim of the workshop was to deepen students’ understanding of stress mechanisms and learn how to recognize their physical symptoms. It was also an opportunity to learn and practice breathing and relaxation techniques that can be used in difficult situations.

On 9 June 2019, students had the chance to attend a slackline workshop. Slacklining is a sport discipline and art that can serve as balance training, recreation, or moving meditation. During the workshop, students worked on their inner and physical balance with professional trainers from Slackline Warszawa.