Ukrainian National Day

On Friday, 1st April 2016, the Ukrainian students of the Natolin campus organized a Ukrainian National Day.    

Mr Vasyl ZVARYCH, a Minister-Counselor at the Embassy of Ukraine to the Republic of Poland, delivered a speech on the importance of ongoing reforms in Ukraine, the country’s armed conflict with Russia and the joint future of Ukraine-EU relations. Throughout the day, the Natolin Restaurant served finest homelike examples of Ukrainian cuisine. As for breakfast, students had a chance to taste just-out-of-the-pan Ukrainian syrnyky and mlynchyky, while a Ukrainian borshch and Kiev cutlet were served for lunch, and dumplings with various fillings for dinner. 

The entertainment part of the day was full of pleasant surprises as well. Students learned how to make dumplings and to create a traditional Ukrainian hairstyle within minutes. The evening concert opened with a traditional Ukrainian musical instrument - the bandura - followed by a dance performance and the Natolin Choir. The celebrations ended with a traditional vechornytsi party in the student bar Chopint.