Visit to the Polish Institute of International Affairs organised by the Energy Governance Nest

On Monday, 11 March 2019, Natolin students had an opportunity to visit and talk to the analysts of the biggest Polish think tank – the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM). Mr Marek WĄSIŃSKI, Senior Climate Policy, Economic and Global Issues Analyst, and Mr Bartosz BIELISZCZUK, Senior Energy Policy Analyst, focused notably on the issues of EU energy security, regional interconnectivity, as well as the EU climate policy and outcomes of the COP24.

The students – mostly members of the Natolin Energy Governance Society – acquired insights into and actively contributed to the discussion on topics related to the current state of EU-Russia energy relations, LNG, pipeline politics and its expected developments (Nord Stream 2, Turkish Stream, Baltic Pipe); European energy infrastructure and perspectives on co-operation within different regional groupings such as the Three Seas Initiative and the Visegrad Group; the revised Gas Directive; achievements and failures of the COP24 and global climate ambitions ahead of the COP25; e-mobility, promotion of RES deployment in cities, as well as the future of the Energy Union.