A workshop on Interconnectivity and Complexity by Sunium

On Saturday, 10 November 2018, the College of Europe in Natolin welcomed Sunium, a social enterprise to hold a workshop titled "Understanding the relevance of interconnectivity and complexity".  The organiser, Dr Constantin MALIK and Nadia TJAHJA, introduced the Ecopolicy and Systems Thinking to Natolin students. Nadia is a College of Europe Natolin alumna who founded the social enterprise after graduation. 

The workshop commenced with the Ecopolicy competition which presented a practical example of how society is interconnected and how change in one area can affect multiple other areas. Once having played this game, the theory behind was explained. Following the theory, the students were taught how to model their own system and identify the linkages. They were be able to choose an issue from one of the four subject areas and then build their own system. The subject areas were EU Neighbourhood, Energy & Climate Change and Digital Union. Throughout the workshop, students were supported by the Academic Advisors for content and the  Sunium Team for methodology.

The workshop was a great success that helped students understand how different policy variables intertwine and correlate with each other, while introducing students to the relevant systems' thinking techniques and methods. 

For more information about the social enterprise Sunium, please visit their website and their social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Sunium - workshop on Interconnectivity and Complexity. 10 November 2018.