A Memorable Weekend - Bruges Students Visit Natolin

After the Natolin students visit to the Bruges campus in January 2023, from 24 to 26 March, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO) and the entire Natolin community had the pleasure of welcoming around 50 students from the College of Europe in Bruges. It was a fantastic moment of exchange between our two campuses, filled with numerous activities and events.

One of the highlights was the Warsaw city guided tour, which allowed the students to explore some of the most beautiful and historic landmarks in the city. The tour was followed by a reception at the Natolin Palace, which provided an excellent opportunity for the students to network and socialize.

The visit coincided with the 2023 Italian National Day at Natolin, and Natolin students had a full program of events in store. The Natolin and Bruges students had the opportunity to participate in these events, which provided them with a unique insight into Italian culture and traditions and was another opportunity for our students to appreciate the diversity of our community.

Additionally, an intercampus football match was organized, which was a fun and competitive way to bring the students together. The event was followed by a BBQ gathering, where the students could relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Natolin campus.

Moreover, the students were also provided with an experience of the Natolin academic offer, which included the simulation game "Migration and Integration" with the Natolin Academy of Migration Nest. The game was an exciting and engaging way to educate the students about migration and integration policies and to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Overall, the visit was an excellent opportunity for our students to connect with their peers from the Bruges campus and to gain valuable experiences and insights.

Check out a selection of pictures of the event through our Flickr gallery below.

24-27.03.2023 - Bruges Students Visit Natolin