Mr Konrad SZATTERS and Dr Sebastian STEINGASS participated in the UACES 53rd Annual Conference in Belfast

Mr Konrad SZATTERS and Dr Sebastian STEINGASS, Academic Assistants in the European Interdisciplinary Studies Department at the College of Europe in Natolin, recently participated in UACES 53rd Annual Conference in Belfast, which took place at Queen’s University in Belfast between 3 and 11 September 2023.

UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies) is a leading global membership organisation for academics, students, and practitioners interested in all aspects of Europe and the European Union, and its annual conference attracts researchers from various disciplines working on contemporary European Studies.

During the conference, Dr STEINGASS and Mr SZATTERS gave a presentation entitled "EU-centrism in the Debate on the Global Gateway and the Relevance of (Shaping) Perceptions", which was based on a project they are currently working on. The project investigates the EU-centric nature of promoting the Global Gateway initiative and advocates for taking third-countries perceptions of the initiative more seriously.