Natolin Celebrates the Ukrainian Cultural Day: A Festive Exploration of Culture and Tradition

On 18-19 January 2024, the College of Europe in Natolin hosted a vibrant Ukrainian Cultural Day, featuring a rich tapestry of Ukrainian culture.

Enthusiastically led by our Ukrainian students supported by the Students Affairs and Professional Development Office, the event included engaging competitions, insightful art exploration, delectable gastronomy, and captivating entertainment.

On Thursday, students participated in a lively Christmas competition across campus, culminating in the announcement of winning teams on Friday evening.

Friday's events began with a thought-provoking lecture by student Ms Olga VOKH, unravelling the diverse expressions of Ukrainian art through the theme of Christmas. The interactive session explored classical and modern perspectives, sacred and secular themes, and the fusion of Eastern and Western traditions.

A Ukrainian Christmas Dinner followed, treating participants to a curated menu of traditional dishes, providing a taste of Ukrainian hospitality. The celebration continued with a full evening of activities in the Stables building. The guests listened to the performance of the Natolin Choir directed by Ms Katarzyna BONIECKA. They opened the evening with the performance of several Ukrainian Christmas carols.

The concert was followed by a Hopak demonstration, a traditional Ukrainian dance known for its energetic and acrobatic movements. Considered a national dance of Ukraine, it has been an integral part of Ukrainian culture for centuries. The demonstration was performed by the members of the Bojowego Hopaka School in Warsaw.

After this energetic experience, the Natolin students presented "Ukraine is all about U", showcasing the country's diversity through an immersive presentation that included the involvement of the students in helping and interactive with Ukraine.

Finally the musical folk group Malva, performed different Ukrainian folk songs making the Winter Garden a vibrant dance floor and putting an energetic closure to the Ukrainian Cultural Day for the Madeleine Albright Promotion.

The immersive celebration of Ukrainian culture fostered unity and understanding among the diverse student community at the College of Europe in Natolin.