Natolin Choir Performs at the European Picnic Organised by the Embassy of France in Warsaw

On Saturday, 13 May 2023, the Natolin Choir - conducted by Mrs Katarzyna BONIECKA - performed at the European Picnic event in Warsaw co-organised by the Embassies of Germany and France.

The Choir, whose repertoire of songs is punctuated by its dynamic range of styles and language, performed a number of songs (including several French hits) - and their intervention culminated with a joint performance (alongside the 'Chameleon' choir of the Mokotów District, the Eufonia Female Vocal Group, and the Lycée français de Varsovie) of the song Ensemble by Jean-Jacques Goldman. The finale hinged on emphasizing the importance of community in light of the date, through the expression of its refrain Ensemble tout est plus joli.

Well done to all the students involved in the performance - despite approaching deadlines - and hearty congratulations for the consistent contributions to the high standard of the Natolin Choir through its many engagements.