The Natolin Community mourns the passing of Prof. Hannes ADOMEIT on 25 April 2022

Prof. Hannes ADOMEITThe community of the College of Europe in Natolin deeply mourns the passing of Prof. Hannes ADOMEIT on 25 April 2022.

An internationally renowned political scientist and political analyst, Prof. Hannes ADOMEIT had a long-lasting and successful academic career, during which he taught at numerous prestigious institutes, including Tufts University and Harvard University.

At the College of Europe in Natolin, he held the position of Permanent Professor and he taught for seven academic years a specialized course on "The EU and Russia", which was greatly appreciated by the students for its depth and extensiveness.

He also supervised a large number of students during their Master’s thesis research, and contributed to the shaping and development of the academic debate thanks to his engaging teaching style.

He was always ready and happy to discuss with students on current European Affairs in- and outside of the classroom.

He will be greatly missed by all his Natolin friends.