22 Jun 2023

Natolin Energy and Climate Nest Conference: "External Partners in the EU’s Energy Transition: New Dependencies or Similar Challenges?"

From 11:00 till 20:00
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

The Natolin Energy and Climate Nest is pleased to announce its student-led conference "External Partners in the EU’s Energy Transition: New Dependencies or Similar Challenges?". The event will take place at the College of Europe in Natolin on 22 June 2023 and it will host speakers, experts, researchers and representatives of the energy sector.

The Call for Papers is available at this link.



Thconference will focus on analysing, dissecting and assessing the most recent developments in the EU's external energy relations and their implications, and to provide a better understanding of where the EU and the European energy sector stand in the energy transition, and of the challenges linked to the internal issues and dimensions of energy policy and transition.

Finally, the conference will not be limited to a descriptive and analytical perspective, but will also attempt to produce outcomes of a performative and recommendatory nature, aiming at proposing solutions, directions and policy choices that would support the conversion of the challenges and possibilities brought by these crises and by the current initiatives (REPowerEU, the Green Deal, NextGeneration Plans) into concrete successes (in terms of sustainability, economic growth, or strategic autonomy) and not into further risks, weaknesses or (increased) exposure to future crises.

The conference will aim to bring together expertise from various academic backgrounds, as well as experts from other relevant sectors including policymakers, think tanks, representatives of NGOs (among others). It will be based on an interdisciplinary dialogue about the energy transition of the EU in order to contribute to ongoing research and offer useful insights for all participants and College students.

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