22 Jun 2023

Natolin Energy and Climate Nest hosted the 4th Annual Conference on EU's External Energy Transition

From 11:00 till 20:00
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On 22 June 2023, the Natolin Energy and Climate Nest organized at the College of Europe in Natolin the highly anticipated 4th annual student-led conference. Titled "External Partners in the EU's Energy Transition: New Dependencies or Similar Challenges?" the conference brought together speakers, experts, researchers, and representatives from the energy sector to explore the complexities of the European Union's energy transition and its external partnerships.

The keynote address was delivered by Ms Cristina LOBILLO BORRERO, Director Head of the Energy Platform Task Force in DG ENER at the European Commission. Her insightful speech set the tone for the thought-provoking discussions that followed throughout the day.

The conference program encompassed a range of topics that addressed the pressing challenges and opportunities associated with the energy transition. The event revolved around three main axes:

  1. What diplomacy means for the EU's external energy partnerships: Panel discussions explored the EU's perspectives for renewed energy diplomacy, considering various geographical areas and potential future energy partners.
  2. Challenges and (in)dependence in the energy transition supply chain: This panel delved into the technical challenges involved in the EU's energy transition and examined actions necessary to build a more secure energy supply chain. The aim was to understand the difficulties arising from the energy transition process comprehensively.
  3. Reflections on the spill-over effects and unintentional impacts of the EU's external energy partnerships: Investigating the potential external effects of EU energy policies on its neighbouring countries, this panel aimed to formulate recommendations for developing new EU climate policies.

The conference aimed to analyze and assess recent developments in the EU's external energy relations and propose concrete solutions and policy choices. By bringing together experts from diverse academic backgrounds, policymakers, think tanks, and NGO representatives, the conference fostered interdisciplinary dialogue and contributed to ongoing research.

The event was live-streamed on our Facebook and YouTube pages. 

The Natolin Energy and Climate Nest expressed gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions and commitment to shaping the EU's energy transition. The event successfully provided a platform for fruitful discussions, facilitating a better understanding of the challenges and possibilities presented by the energy transition.

Natolin Energy and Climate Nest Conference on EU's External Energy Transition

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