Natolin Media and Disinformation Nest sessions on "Disinformation and Fake News on Social Media"

On 24-25 November 2022, the Media and Disinformation Nest of the College of Europe in Natolin hosted two special sessions on Disinformation and Fake News on Social Media with Dr Pérez CURIEL and Dr Rojas TORRIJOS.

The sessions were part of a broader research project titled "Factuality according to digital audiences: discrepancies in the expectations and perceptions of professional norms in journalism", which is being carried out by the University of Seville (Spain).

During the sessions, the students learned about the initial findings of the research and then participated in a focus group with the researchers on journalism, fake news, and social media.

About the speakers

Dr Pérez CURIEL is an Associate Professor of Journalism and director of the Master’s Degree in Institutional and Political Communication at the University of Seville. Her main lines of research deal with political communication, quality journalism, disinformation, and the effects on the digital public sphere. She is currently a research team member for international projects on digital citizenship and the public sphere, electoral debates, and disinformation in political institutions.

Most recent publications:

  • Pérez-Curiel, Concha; Ruas Araujo, Jose; Rivas de Roca, Ruben (2022). “When Politicians Meet Experts: Disinformation on Twitter About Covid‐19 Vaccination”. Media and Communication, v. 10, n. 2,
  • Pérez-Curiel, Concha; Rivas-de-Roca, Ruben (2022). Exploring Populism in Times of Crisis: An Analysis of Disinformation in the European Context during the US Elections. Journal. Media. Vol. 3. Pag. 144-156.

Dr Rojas TORRIJOS is an Associate Professor of Journalism at the University of Seville. He also participates in the MA programs in Political and Corporate Communication at the University of Seville and in Journalism and Sports Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, the European University in Madrid, San Antonio Catholic University in Murcia, and Pontifician University in Salamanca. Beyond Spain, he has been a visiting lecturer in courses in Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, and Ecuador. His research focuses on sports journalism, quality journalism, media innovation, and digital storytelling.

Most recent publications:

  • Ramon, X. & Rojas-Torrijos, J.L. (2022). Public service media, sports and cultural citizenship in the age of social media: An analysis of BBC Sport agenda diversity on Twitter. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 2022, 57(6) 918–939,
  • Rivas-de-Roca, Ruben, García-Gordillo, M. & Rojas-Torrijos, J.l. (2021). Estrategias comunicativas en Twitter y portales institucionales durante la segunda ola de Covid-19: análisis de los gobiernos de Alemania, España, Portugal y Reino Unido”. Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, 49-72,