11 Apr 2014

Natolin student delegation at New York National Model United Nations 2014

From 11/04 till 19/04

From 11 to 19 April 2014, fourteen students of the Natolin campus of the College of Europe participated in the prestigious New York - National Model United Nations (NY-NMUN) 2014. 

The competition has been organized since 1974 by the National Collegiate Conference Association (NCCA), a US-based nonprofit organization and recognized Non-Governmental Organization officially associated with the United Nations. The NY-NMUN competition is a simulation game, which involves more than 5 500 students from more than one hundred universities, schools and other academic institutions from all over the world. In the context of its fifth consecutive participation, the Natolin campus represented the Republic of Moldova, a country in the framework of the research activities of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair.

This year’s selected students (or "delegates"), forming the Delegation of the Republic of Moldova, were: Mr Damian ALLINSON, Head Delegate, Ms Fátima GONZÁLEZ-TORRES, Deputy Head Delegate, Ms Sara HURTEKANT, Mr Guy BROMLEY, Mr Robin HUGUENOT-NOËL, Ms Laura MERINO DÍEZ, Mr Mehdi CHIHI, Ms Sofía LÓPEZ, Ms Zosia KRASODOMSKA-JONES, Ms Natalia MAŃK, Ms Anna KOSIŃSKA, Ms Marijke ESCHENBACH, Mr Clemens KRAUSS and Ms Anastasiia MYKHAILOVA. The students were accompanied to New York by their coaches, Academic Assistants in Law Mr Mattia FILIPPIN and Mr Paweł MICHALSKI, and supported and guided by Professor Tobias SCHUMACHER, Chairholder of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair.

After an exceptional performance at the NY-NMUN 2013, when the Delegation from the Natolin campus won the unprecedented amount of 5 “NMUN Awards”, including the “Distinguished Delegation Award” (Silver Medal to the entire Delegation), this year at the NY-NMUN 2014, the Delegation broke any previous record by winning 9 “NMUN Awards”, thus practically doubling the awards since last year’s performance. The following awards were given to the Delegation:

  • 1 “Outstanding Delegation Award” - this award has the value of a “Gold Medal” and was achieved by the entire Delegation recognizing the outstanding performance of all 14 students;
  • 6 “Outstanding Position Paper Award” - out of 7 Position Papers submitted;
  • 2 “Outstanding Delegates in Committee Award” - in both the Human Rights Council and the Executive Committee of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. 

Given the largely unmatched number of awards, the Delegation of the Natolin campus was recognized as one of the most awarded and commended delegations at the conference. With this extraordinary success, the Natolin campus could outperform other delegations coming from several top-tier universities from Europe and beyond.

On Thursday, 17 April 2014 - the last day of the NY-NMUN competition - the entire team was invited to the European Union’s Delegation to the United Nations for a meeting with H.E. Ambassador Thomas MAYR-HARTING, the EU Ambassador to the United Nations. During this meeting, H.E. Ambassador MAYR-HARTING discussed with the students the current status of the EU-UN relationship with regard to the European Union’s Eastern Partnership and congratulated the team for the excellent performance at NY-NMUN 2014.

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