Natolin Students and Staff Invited to President Joe BIDEN's Address in Warsaw

On the historic occasion of President of the United States Joe BIDEN's visit to Warsaw, representatives of the College of Europe in Natolin were honoured to attend the ceremony and the President's address at Warsaw's Royal Castle.

The invitation was issued to the College of Europe in Natolin by the United States Embassy in Poland, and a delegation of over 25 Natolin students and several staff members was present.

The invitation included a backstage pass, and a vantage point from which the delegation could follow the President's intervention from close distance. Many more members of the Natolin community were also present at the ceremony as regular attendees.

Let us move forward with faith and conviction and with an abiding commitment to be allies not of darkness, but of light. Not of oppression, but of liberation. Not of captivity, but, yes, of freedom.

President Joe BIDEN, Warsaw, 21 February 2023