Natolin Students Celebrate French Cultural Day 2024 with Exceptional Cultural Immersion

On 22 February, French students at the College of Europe in Natolin hosted the French Cultural Day, a day dedicated to immersion in the rich French identity through a variety of captivating activities. From a historical exhibition to a crepe-making workshop, this student-led initiative, supported by the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office, provided a unique immersive experience for all participants.

The celebration kicked off the evening prior with a conference organized by the students themselves, where they shared with their peers the fundamental aspects of French identity and culture beyond the well-known symbols.

Following the conference, French students offered a crepe-making workshop, teaching their peers the authentic way to prepare this iconic French dish.

The main day, Friday, began with a special breakfast of croissants and brioches donated by the Embassy of France in Poland, setting the tone for the day with an authentic French petit-déjeuner. In the afternoon, Monsieur Étienne DE PONCINS, French ambassador to Poland, inaugurated an informative exhibition on Franco-Polish cooperation during the time of the Solidarity Movement and the anti-communist struggle. At this event, Professor George MINK offered his insights into France's perception of the Polish labor movement during the 1980s.

After engaging with the ambassador, students enjoyed a dinner prepared by the French-themed restaurant, accompanied by a tasting of French wines, cheeses, and sweets. The evening continued at the Copernicus Auditorium with special music and piano performances by the students themselves, along with a Kahoot competition testing knowledge of French culture.

The day concluded in Retinger with a masked ball reminiscent of Versailles. The next cultural celebration is scheduled for March 1, with Moldova and Romania as the featured countries. These activities, supported by SAPDO and the College, reflect the ongoing commitment to foster cultural exchange among students from over thirty different nationalities.