International cooperation

Since its founding in 1992, the College of Europe in Natolin has been implementing and developing a highly effective internationalization strategy as one of the core features of its statutory activity. As a result of our international approach to research and teaching, every year we are hosting students and academic staff (visiting professors/researchers) from more than 30 countries.


The College of Europe in Natolin also participates in the Erasmus+ programme, giving to its students and staff the opportunity for an international mobility. More specifically, our students are able to carry out a traineeship abroad after the end of their studies at Natolin, and our staff members can improve their skills and enhance their experience by visiting another University or organisation for a teaching or training mobility.

At the same time, the College of Europe in Natolin is always open to proposals for new partnerships and projects under other Erasmus+ Actions and Programmes, in particular Partnerships for Cooperation, Alliances for Innovation and Capacity building (for higher education).

For further information please visit our Erasmus+ section and contact us at:

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