Academic programme

The European Interdisciplinary Studies programme at Natolin reflects the increasingly complex and interconnected nature of European integration and of the surrounding world. It is a truly European, horizontal academic programme and is devoid of a silo discipline approach present elsewhere. The programme addresses the internal and external dimension of the European Union, with a special focus on the EU’s neighbourhood and European history and civilization providing our students with the wider perspective on Europe.

First semester

The academic programme in the first semester equips students with advanced general knowledge, orientation and skills to analyse the foundations of European integration. They are provided with a common base of knowledge on the system of EU governance, the EU legal order, European economic integration, and European history; they study the specificities of Central and Eastern Europe; and they gain insights into the forces shaping the political environment of today's societies.

The first semester study trip offers to students a deeper understanding of European identities and a first-hand experience of policies in practice at the EU’s borders. 

Second semester

With these background knowledge and skills, in the second semester students specialise in a particular area by taking courses in one of four thematic majors:

EU Public Affairs and Policies The EU and the World

The EU in the Wider Europe and its Neighbours European History and Civilization

Students can also take advantage of skill-oriented workshops and simulation games, which allow them to take a closer look at specific topics. A second study trip is organized in the second semester. Students are also encouraged to participate in international competitions – in which they excel. They are also required to write a Master’s thesis on a topic related to one of the courses they have taken during the first and second semesters.

Professional development

The Professional Development and Career Orientation programme complements the academic programme with on-site, made-to-measure support and guidance in helping to shape the students’ professional paths. Its mission is to provide students with relevant and practical career management tools, including a thorough understanding of their own strengths and competences, an overview of the job market, an ability to set realistic career goals, all backed with a smart CV, a credible social media profile, well-written covering letters and solid interview skills.

Language courses

In addition to benefitting from a bilingual study programme, students can take advantage of language courses on offer implemented by the Languages and Intercultural Dialogue Office. The courses are tailored to the individual students’ needs, and are also focused on transversal skills required by employers.


Total ECTS for this programme = 66 ECTS. For more detailed ECTS information click here.
Please note that the study programme might be subject to changes due to necessary updates or unforeseen circumstances.