Extracurricular Activities: European Horizons

European Horizons was founded at the 2015 European Student Conference at Yale University by undergraduate and graduate students from 45 American universities and the College of Europe. As a US-based, non-partisan think-tank, European Horizons is devoted to exploring the meaning of European identity, modernizing and reforming the concept of the social market economy, advancing the cause of European integration, and deepening transatlantic relations.

The College of Europe is proud to host one of the many chapters of European Horizons from across the USA and Europe. Students from the MATA programme and from across the Departments engage in a constructive dialogue of ideas for reforming the European Union and setting a policy vision for its future.

To deepen both the European integration and transatlantic relations, activities focus on key areas relevant to the future of the European Union:

  • European identity
  • the social market economy
  • European integration
  • transatlantic relations 

Students contribute to the blog of the think-tank and the Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs. They also organize discussion groups to further discuss key policy elements for transatlantic affairs. 

In November 2020, a key note address by Mr Javier Niño PEREZ, Head of the United States of America and Canada Division of the European External Action Service, on “Transatlantic Relations in the Twenty-First Century: The Future of the EU-US Relationship” was organised by the students at the College of Europe.

For any questions concerning European Horizons, please contact Juliette DUPONT.