Nest-related career opportunities in Natolin

During the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022, the students of Natolin had the opportunity to attend a series of sessions about career opportunities related to the following three Nests developed at the College of Europe in Natolin:

  • Natolin Energy and Climate Governance Nest
  • Natolin Academy of Migration
  • Natolin Journalism and Media Nest

The main goal of these sessions was to provide information and ideas to the students regarding key Institutions and potential career paths in relation to these thematic areas. In this way, an abundance of different possibilities was proposed to the students, with career opportunities in different types of Institutions like International Organisations, EU Bodies & Agencies, Think Tanks, NGO’s, Academic Entities, and Private Enterprises. Moreover, a session about PhD opportunities was presented to the students who would like to join the world of academia.

The College of Europe is a hub of expertise in the scientific domains of its Nests, thus it aspires to play a significant role in the global academic developments of these disciplines, and also to prepare its students in order to make a difference in tomorrow’s international societies. These sessions will be followed in the second semester by presentations regarding specific opportunities (Blue Book, CAST, EPSO competitions, Erasmus+ traineeships etc.), and also by our “Meet the Professionals” series, giving our students the chance to have a direct communication with representatives from numerous key Institutions where the majority of our graduates is employed.