Mr Marcel SPATARI, Alumnus of the College of Europe in Natolin, appointed Minister of Labor and Social Protection in Moldova

Following the formation of the new government in Moldova Mr Marcel SPATARI, an alumnus from the Ludwig VAN BEETHOVEN Promotion (2005 - 2006) at the College of Europe in Natolin, was appointed Minister of Labor and Social Protection.

Mr SPATARI is a lead expert for European trade unions from the industrial and commerce sectors, European Works Councils (EWCs), Romanian Trade Union Confederations, and other national trade unions. He used to provide economic and technical expertise to a number of EWCs and to carry out research on issues related to workers’ situation in Romania and Europe: European and national social dialogue and industrial relations, living standards and wage, and the future of industry and trade.

We would like to congratulate Mr SPATARI and wish him every success in his new mission.