16 Apr 2023

Nordic-Baltic Study Trip Preparatory Lecture: "The Post-Cold War order in the Nordic-Baltic region"

From 11:30 till 13:00
Auditorium Copernicus
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

In advance of the second semester study trip toward the Nordic Baltic (Estonia, Finland, Sweden), a preparatory lecture took place on campus on Sunday, 16 April 2023 with Professor Jussi HANHIMAKI, entitled "The Post-Cold War Order in the Nordic-Baltic region".

The lecture was attended by the students travelling on the trip, and offered them a keen insight to the geostrategic order in place in the region, and the potential for developments in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The second semester study trips are a core feature of the Natolin academic programme. The destinations for the second semester trips of the 2022-2023 promotion were the Western Balkans, the Nordic Baltic region, and Brussels. All information on the study trips can be found here.

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