North Sea National Day

On Friday, 21 April 2023, a group of College of Europe students organized the North Sea National Day at Natolin, a week-long event celebrating the cultures of the United Kingdom, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

The festivities began on Tuesday, 17 April, with a Welsh Cultural Workshop, where attendees learned about Welsh music, history, and language. The following day, a debate was held on the topic of Brexit. Participants had the opportunity to counter-face their opinions and analysis about the consequences and current relations between the UK and the EU. On Wednesday, 19 April, a "Music and Migration" workshop took place; attendees explored the influence of migration and black culture on British music.

On Friday, 21 April, several students participated in the Conference "A Day in the Life of a Diplomat", where attendees had the opportunity to learn about the diplomatic profession from the Chargé d'affaires of the British Embassy in Warsaw. In the evening, a traditional dinner prepared by the Natolin Restaurant offered the students typical dishes from the three countries; this was followed by a Natolin Choir performance in the evening, featuring live music from Great Britain, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Later that night, a pub quiz was held at the Retinger Residence, with a rowdy atmosphere and prizes for the winners.

The celebrations concluded with British Bop, a night of music and dancing to British, Danish, and Dutch tunes at the campus bar on Friday, 21 April. On Saturday, 22 April, attendees were invited to cycle along the Vistula river on hired bikes and learn about the Dutch and their relationship with water.

The North Sea National Day was a great success, and attendees had the opportunity to learn, celebrate, and have fun together.