19 Dec 2023

Online Lecture "Wars, Crises and Revolutions in the EU's Neighbourhood" by Prof Kataryna WOLCZUK

From 19:00 till 20:00
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On Tuesday, 19 December 2023, the College of Europe in Natolin hosted the online lecture "Wars, Crises, and Revolutions in the EU's Neighbourhood". 

Professor Kataryna WOLCZUK, Chairholder of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair at the College of Europe in Natolin, unraveled the intricacies of the geopolitical challenges and transformative events that have shaped the EU's interactions with its neighboring regions. The lecture explored the historical context of conflicts, crises, and revolutionary movements that have left an indelible mark on the EU's periphery.

This event was open to all students, prospective students, alumni, scholars, and international relations aficionados eager to broaden their understanding of this defining historical moment. 

For more information contact communications.pl@coleurope.eu.

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