Opera Night for Natolin Students!

Opera NightOn the evening of Saturday, 28 October 2023, forty students from the College of Europe in Natolin attended a performance of the Polish opera Dead End at Warsaw's Teatr Wielki.

This piece is a singular work: an opera exploring current issues, written by two prominent Polish artists, Krzysztof Meyer and Antoni Libera. It was presented for the first time a week before so the students of the College had the opportunity to be one of the first spectators.

The play was performed at the Teatr Wielki, home of the Polish National Opera and one of the most famous theaters in the country. This visit also allowed students from more than 20 countries to get close to one of Warsaw's historical sites and experience first-hand the cultural and artistic creation of Poland.

This activity was organized by the Students Affairs and Professional Development Office of the College of Europe in Natolin as part of an annual tradition to discover the Opera.