Research activities and publications

The European Neighbourhood Policy Chair conducts research into European Union and EU Member States’ foreign and security policy towards the (wider) EU neighbourhood – East and South – with a focus on the transposition of EU norms, values, rules and regulations as well as conflict management, and also works on political and economic transition and conflict in the EU’s 16 eastern and southern neighbours.

Past and current research projects have been concerned with the law and politics of association in the context of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy and its Eastern Partnership respectively, its impact on neighbourhood partner countries, EU democracy and human rights promotion, EU conflict management, neighbours’ compliance with EU norms and rules, EU and EU Member States’ governance of migration, narratives of EU external relations, the resilience turn in EU foreign policy, the politics of recognition in the EU’s neighbourhood, the politics of disinformation in Eastern Europe, political reform and regime change in Eastern Europe and the Southern Mediterranean.

"The Routledge Handbook on the European Neighbourhood Policy"

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“States, International Organizations and Strategic Partnerships”

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Kateryna WOLCZUK

Research areas and expertise:

  • Domestic politics, political regimes and reforms in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova
  • EU’s policy towards the eastern neighbourhood countries
  • Russia’s policy towards the eastern neighbourhood countries
  • Design and implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy
  • National and ethnic identities, nation-building and nationalism


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