Podcasting Workshop with Mr Jarosław KOCISZEWSKI

On 22 October 2023, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office organized a Podcasting Workshop for the students of the Madeleine Albright promotion at Natolin. The workshop was designed to introduce students to the world of podcasting and equip them with essential knowledge and skills.

The workshop was facilitated by Mr Jarosław KOCISZEWSKI, an international reporter and a long-time correspondent in the Middle East region. With his extensive experience, Mr KOCISZEWSKI provided valuable insights and guidance on the various aspects of podcasting. The key topics covered during the workshop were: introduction to podcasting, an overview of the podcast market and its diverse audiences, exploring the necessary equipment for podcasting and best practices, introduction to podcast editing tools, content design, tips for creating engaging and informative podcast content.

Podcasts have become increasingly influential in the fields of media and communication, making this workshop a valuable opportunity for Natolin students to gain practical insights into this medium.

About the speaker:

Mr Jaroslaw KOCISZEWSKI is an International reporter, and a longtime correspondent in the Middle East region. He hosts international broadcasts on Polish Radio. Previously, he was associated with Rzeczpospolita and Życie Warszawy. Mr KOCISZEWSKI received a degree in Political sciences from Tel-Aviv University and the Hebraic University in Jerusalem. He loves to travel and talk about the world, with a particular emphasis on the Middle East and Africa. He collaborates with the Wirtualna Polska Magazine.