Polish Cultural Day - exploring the culture of the host country

At the College of Europe in Natolin, another cultural celebration unfolded over 11-12 April 2024, marking the Polish Cultural Day with flair.

Spearheaded by our vibrant student body and bolstered by the support of the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office, a rich tapestry of Polish heritage came to life through a myriad of events.

Commencing on 11 April, "Poland - Insights from the Outside" set the stage, igniting dialogues on Poland's global perception post-Cold War. Facilitated by Mr Paweł POTORCZYN, a diplomat and author, he allowed students to explore the realm of future diplomatic endeavors.

Friday ushered in hands-on experiences with "Polish Crafts: Wreath-making Extravaganza and Beyond", inviting participants to craft traditional spring adornments like floral wreaths, fostering connections to age-old customs.

As evening descended, the Natolin Restaurant transformed into a culinary haven, tantalizing palates with a curated tasting menu spotlighting Polish culinary gems. From pierogi to bigos, each dish offered a savoury homage to Polish cuisine, complemented by rustic decor evoking pastoral charm. The event would not be complete without a showcase of traditional Polish dances.

The Natolin Choir performed the iconic "Sen o Warszawie". The Chamber of Music, comprising Natolin's finest talents, mesmerized with a rendition of "Dumka na dwa serca".

Culminating in a crescendo of harmony, the evening witnessed a spectacular joint concert helmed by the Natolin Choir's director, Ms Katarzyna BONIECKA, featuring the Natolin Choir and the Chamaleon Choir as esteemed guests. Truly, a celebration that echoed the soulful resonance of Polish culture.