Professor WINAND, Dr STEINGASS and Professor CARBONE have guest-edited a special issue in Global Affairs

Pascaline WINAND, Sebastian STEINGASS (both College of Europe, Natolin) and Maurizio CARBONE (University of Glasgow and College of Europe, Natolin) have guest-edited a special issue in Global Affairs, an international, peer-reviewed journal. The special issue is entitled “Development and international partnerships in the European Union’s external relations” and was published on 5 December 2021 in volume 7, issue 4 (2021).

The publication stands out in that it combines different analytical and critical approaches and perspectives, provides an interdisciplinary, comprehensive and up-to-date overview, and places pressing contemporary debates about reforming EU policy and partnerships into a wider and longer perspective of international development policy and the EU’s role in the world. It brings together experts from the College of Europe’s European Interdisciplinary Studies Department, EIS visiting professors and other leading academic experts.

The collection examines how development policy affects the EU’s external relations and in what ways its external policies have adapted to meet the changing conditions for international development. It is published at a crucial time as pressing themes of recent years force the European Union to adjust its role in the world. Following the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, demands increase to take sustainability and climate change seriously; the Covid-19 pandemic has brought the fragility of international cooperation sharply into focus; and calls for breaking with post-colonial practices have become louder. 

The journal Global Affairs publishes work of high academic standard on global affairs, including diplomacy, strategy, political economy and policy since 2015. In particular, published work includes peer-reviewed research articles on global changes, trends, and politics among nations around the world and their policy implications for Europe. It also publishes book reviews of key monographs and edited volumes, and special collections on topical issues in global affairs. All research articles have undergone rigorous, double-blind peer review by at least two anonymous referees. The journal is published on behalf of the European International Studies Association (EISA). EISA is a leading academic association with the aim of promoting and advancing the interdisciplinary field of international studies in Europe and beyond. EISA is committed to promoting inclusivity by prioritising a diverse range of voices at our events and in our association practices.