Purple Day celebrated in Natolin

Purple dayOn Saturday, 26 March 2022, a series of student-led activities took place in Natolin to celebrate Purple Day: a day dedicated to raising awareness of epilepsy and dispelling common misconceptions surrounding epilepsy.

The day began with a non-formal educational workshop on epilepsy. Those present learned about some of the most common forms of epileptic seizures, the diverse ways that epilepsy can impact people’s daily lives and how to respond to tonic-clonic epileptic seizures.

A miniature exhibition on epilepsy was available throughout the day in Retinger, with sections dedicated to epilepsy and society, epilepsy and stigma and epilepsy in art. Visitors learnt about some of the most common sources of stigma for people with epilepsy, different representations of epilepsy in art and culture, as well as the stories of historical figures with epilepsy.

In the evening, a health session took place followed by a film screening and discussion. The health session, which had a focus on unseen health conditions, provided those present with a platform to share any personal challenges that they (or their loved ones) have faced, elaborating on how it has impacted their lives and how others can best support them. Finally, a screening of the romantic-comedy film Garden State (2004) brought the day to a close, building upon the themes explored during the day to spark discussion on the representation of epilepsy and mental health in film.

The organisers of the event extend their gratitude to everyone who attended the activities organised in Natolin this Purple Day and to everyone who took time out of their day to raise awareness about epilepsy.

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