16 Mar 2024

Simulation Game by the Natolin Media and Disinformation Nest: "Election Integrity Shield"

From 15:00 till 18:00
Winter Garden
Natolin (Warsaw) Campus

On 16 March 2024, Natolin's Media and Disinformation Nest organized a simulation game on electoral guardianship titled “Election Integrity Shield". The idea of the session was to transform participants into activists from a non-governmental organization dedicated to fostering voters' turnout and upholding the fairness of elections.

In a interactive setting, students had the chance to collaborate with peers to navigate the labyrinth of disinformation and hybrid threats, honing their skills in crisis communication. The session aimed to set a hands-on simulation where critical thinking, security awareness, and a commitment to democratic engagement are paramount. Through this scenario-based workshop, students gained not only actionable strategies but also a profound comprehension of the digital age's election security challenges.

About the speaker

Ms Katarzyna SUMISLAWSKA, Information and Communication Officer, European External Action Service

Katarzyna SUMISLAWSKA works as a lead on awareness rising about information manipulation and disinformation in the Strategic Communication Division of the European External Action Service. She specializes in strategic and communication trainings, partnerships building, digital storytelling and implementing creative responses to disinformation.

Ms SUMISLAWSKA has over a decade experience as communications consultant for the international institutions, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, UN bodies and several international and local non-governmental and civil society organizations across Europe, Asia and South America.

European External Action Service (EEAS), Strategic Communication Division is placed within the Directorate for Strategic Communication and Foresight of the EEAS. The Division is leading the work on addressing foreign disinformation, information manipulation and interference and has a mandate to analyse the information environment in order to enable EU foreign policy implementation and protect its values and interests.

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