Spain-Portugal National Day 2023: An Iberian Cultural Feast

On Friday, 10 February 2023, the Spain-Portugal National Day took place at Natolin.

The students of the College of Europe in Natolin organized a day filled with engaging activities and events. 7 February kicked off with a summer camp experience designed to promote fun and laughter among the participants. The students were able to partake in different games and activities.

The following day, the students revealed the winners of the lottery they organised for the Natolin community, which added an extra layer of excitement to their activities. Ten lucky individuals won a set of traditional Spanish and Portuguese products.

On 9 February, a Spanish-Portuguese movie night was held. Three films were screened, "Todo sobre mi madre," "Capitães de Abril", and "Two Catalonias", showcasing Spanish and Portuguese cinema.

The students continued the activities on 10 February with short workshops on Spanish and Portuguese traditions and culture, which provided an opportunity to delve deeper into the cultures of these two neighboring countries.

The main day's celebrations began with a traditional dinner, followed by speeches from the ambassadors of both countries on the common positions of Portugal and Spain in the EU foreign policy. The evening continued with energetic concerts of flamenco and fado, which provided a glimpse into the musical traditions of the countries. The audience was thoroughly entertained by these performances.

The students ended the evening on a high note by inviting everyone to experience the tradition of the "New Year's Grape" during a gourmet experience in the Retinger residence hall. The event featured various traditional products from Spain and Portugal, and everyone had a chance to sample the delicious cuisine.

In conclusion, the Spanish-Portuguese Cultural Day was a resounding success and provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more about the cultures and traditions of Spain and Portugal while enjoying themselves in the process.