Speech Writing Workshop at Natolin

In a highly successful event, the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office hosted a Speech Writing Workshop on 19 September 2023, led by Anis ISSA, Head of Student Affairs and Professional Development at the College of Europe in Natolin. This workshop offered valuable insights into the art of speechwriting, providing participants with essential skills to craft and deliver compelling speeches.

The workshop covered key areas, starting from the theoretical foundation, when participants gained insights into the principles underpinning effective speechwriting. They learned how to structure speeches, engage audiences, and convey messages persuasively. This was followed by a history of the speech analysis and its practical applications. The workshop delved into historical speeches that have shaped nations and movements. Participants analyzed the techniques used by great orators to inspire and influence.


Finally, the attendants tested their newfound knowledge through an engaging, interactive exercise. They had the opportunity to apply the techniques learned and received feedback to refine their skills.

With his extensive experience in international cooperation and strategic communication, Anis ISSA brought a unique perspective to the workshop. He has worked with esteemed institutions such as the Library of Alexandria, the French Embassy in Cairo, the Swedish Institute of Alexandria, and the International Organization for Migration. Currently pursuing his PhD in the École Pratique des Hautes Études on the identity of Middle Eastern Christian minorities, Anis Issa is an authority in the field of communication.