Speech Writing Workshop for Natolin students

On 5 October 2022, Natolin students of the David Sassoli promotion had the opportunity to attend the Speech Writing workshop led by Mr Anis ISSA, Head of the Student Affairs and Professional Development Office (SAPDO).

In his workshop, Mr ISSA began with a theoretical explanation of the rules and phases of writing a successful speech that engages the audience and clearly expresses a topic. This was followed by a presentation of the ways to structure a speech, focusing on rhetorical techniques and illustrating it with some examples of historical speeches, then inviting the students at the end to an interactive exercise.

Writing and delivering an influential speech can enhance one's career by developing and demonstrating strong communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. A speech is also a pivotal part of an institution's strategic communication, usually given by top officials. The Speechwriting workshop offered by Mr ISSA is a notable element of the capacity-building initiatives offered by the College of Europe in Natolin, in order to enhance students' professional and interpersonal skills.