Staff-Student Football Tournament 2023 at Natolin

On Friday, 23 June, the College of Europe in Natolin held an exciting event, the Natolin Students and Staff Football Cup 2023. This annual sporting extravaganza brought together students and staff members from different departments, fostering a sense of camaraderie and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle within the Natolin campus community.

The football cup showcased exceptional talent, intense competition, and unwavering team spirit. The event kicked off with an opening ceremony that captured the palpable excitement and energy on campus. As the teams lined up on the field, it was clear that the participants were prepared to demonstrate their skills and compete for the highly coveted championship title.

Natolin Students and Staff Football Cup - 23 June 2023

The tournament featured a total of 50 players, including both staff members and students. It provided an excellent opportunity to forge connections across various parts of our academic community. In the final match, the team led by student Alexander SIKORSKI emerged victorious, securing the gold medal. Willy MONNIER's team claimed the silver medal, while Margot FLORUS's team took third place.

Following the tournament, everyone was invited to a delightful gathering centered around a traditional BBQ, with delectable food and refreshing beverages. This relaxed setting allowed all participants to unwind, engage in conversations, and strengthen connections outside their usual roles and responsibilities.

The College of Europe in Natolin extends its heartfelt appreciation to all the participants, students, and staff members for their exceptional sportsmanship, dedication, and enthusiasm. Special recognition is due to the organizing committee's tireless efforts in planning and executing such a successful event.